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Monday, 14 November 2011

Something I haven't done in ages.

So I just asked a girl out, I think she might like me. I hope so.
I'm a relationship pussy so this was nerve wrecking. I haven't sent a text like that in honestly nearly 2 years. Fuck, actually longer. After I had spent a while longer than I should ever spend composing a short text I was happy that the text didn't seem too bent so I pressed the old send button and 3, being the great network that they are, decide they actually don't have reception for me any more and won't let me send anything.
Like I was pretty nervous watching the sending words pop up and then when it says message sending failed it felt like failing a test because I'd have to send it again. Luckily 3 do have webtext so I used that but now I'm pretty sure I won't get a reply til the morning, partly because she's probably asleep by now and partly because I have no reception to receive a text anyway.
I hope I manage to sleep :/.

Going to watch this documentary now about "objectum sexuality" that someone recommended to me.
It's about people who find objects sexy, as you may have guessed from the name.
I'll let ye know.

Heard this song today,

used to be so mad for Amy Lee. She always makes me think of Aileen; Evanescence were kinda coming up around the time Aileen died and she introduced me to them, and being a 13/14 year old at the time I loved them to bits.

Also last night I couldn't get to sleep so I youtubed "sleep" and found this amazing song with great images. Watching it made me wish I still believed in god, I even found myself starting to think I should at least pretend I believe in a god. If I pretended I'd probably get some of that happiness that those overzealous people seem so jacked up on the whole time.

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