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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sellin' smokes to dodgy blokes.

To be honest this title is completely false, I only made it because it rhymes.
It should really be "Selling dodgy smokes to blokes.". I'm finally getting around to offloading some of these many many cigarettes I brought back from Kenya. They cost me a 5r for 200, trying to sell them for 30euro monies for 200. Going to do sell 200 to one of my mates now for 20 quid though but shhhh, people aren't supposed to know that. The company who manufactured them doesn't even have a website. Stone-age smokes, apparently they have a pretty high level of tar.

That documentary on people falling in love with objects was really weird. Very sad stuff. At times I was undecided as to whether or not it was these people doing an old hoax, at other times I just figured they were fed loads of LSD or something as children, but in general I think it probably is a real problem that some people have and I feel bad for them.
Although this is just hilarious. The amusement ride she's looking at in the video is an object she loves. It's a picture of it that she takes down and looks at afterwards I think.

It turns out that chick is nae interested by the way. I was pretty surprised how little it bothered me. I'm not just saying that in a childish way to be all protect my own feelings-y, honest. I guess it's because it wasn't a long time "crush" or anything. Obviously I'm a bit disappointed but I think it was a bit of a step forward for myself to actually put myself out there without copious amounts of alcohol in my system.
One of my friends who's very pretty told me before that she gets asked out a lot by guys, often her mates, and that she thinks it makes them get on better regardless of whether she actually likes the kid back. At the time I actually just kinda thought she liked the compliment of guys saying they like her but now I actually think I get what she meant. It gets awkwardness out of the way rather than the opposite. I think I might do it more often than every few years. The worst bit is that I decided to include this story in my DOCS, the best bit is I can continue moping about cold streaks and being alone.

Here's some Morcheeba that I've been listening to while attempting to do work for my final year project.

Morcheeba is so boss. I love when you take a break from an artist for just long enough to really appreciate them when you hear them again.

Had a funny moment there a second ago. (Here's the recommended reading for non cd engineers: the door into one of the computer rooms in college is often pulled open by people since it's easy to pull open and trek of taking your card out, so unfortunately the actual door handle broke today and is now gonezo.)
I don't know where my student card is at the moment so as I headed to the computer rooms I counted me blessings to see some lad there swiping his card in the machine. After the swipe machine was happy with his card and did it's little green LED flash of light he had to put his hands awkwardly in cracks in the door to open it and he held it open for me. So while he was doing this I was thinking, frig, I'm really going to have to find my student card or else I won't be able to get in here at all anymore, so I said "It's gonna be harder to just pull this door open now.", to which dude replies "yeah, it's from all those feckin' eejits pulling the door open all the time, it only takes 5 seconds to swipe your card.". I mutter some sort of agreement, or I think I did at least and then we both walked into the room and went our separate ways. I wonder how long it took him to realize that he had just pretty much called me an eejit, or if he even realized at all.

I've loadsa college work to do, peace out kids.


  1. Devo bout the door.

    Word on the street is you're a frijj Jameo

  2. No I'm not. I kissed a girl on holidays in Spain once like 3 years ago. Her name was eh, Rose, she was from eh, England and had no distinguishing features or surname. We kissed for like 5 whole minutes?