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Saturday, 2 April 2011

That '70s Show

So I'm watching That '70s show and it's the episode after Eric broke up with Dona. It's terribly daughter, and by daughter I of course mean depressing (the ad on tv was about to say daughter I think).
Eric gets an angel and it's showing him how shit life would be without Dona. I guess it's making me think how we always think of the future and how it's going to be good, but it could well be just as shit and filled with regrets as Eric's life without Dona. I have no Dona, I could well end up being this crap version of Eric (Well obviously not just like him since I've got friends or whatever.)
Next episode Red goes "<I was sad but time went on, I thought about her less blah blah> and then the day came where I didn't think about her anymore, and then that made me sad.", and Eric replies  "We've got a little Irish in us don't we dad" while they were having drinks. Sooo I'm a little confused as to what he meant by this, I can't find the saying on google.. Can someone tell me what he meant?

So far I haven't done any work this weekend but I did get a few bob fundraised which is great. Went to the moviez with the boyez, saw limitless it was whatevaaa. Dave sucks at driving. I got loadsa girls-on-the-side-of-the-road's numbers on the way home.
More Morcheeba.

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