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Thursday, 31 March 2011


So I just got my first round vaccinations for going away to Nairobi this summer. They cost 135 euro for the vaccinations and no consulation fee. It's really weird to think about. I had some stuff worth 135 euro injected into my body so my body could learn how to fight off certain maladies. It kinda reminds me of the matrix in the way that people could be programmed to learn things. My body is now superior to a lot of other people in a way because I am not susceptible to Yellow fever or Typhoid for a while now. As you go about living your life you don't usually think about how you're making yourself a better person. I don't mean that as in you're becoming nicer or doing voluntary work etc.. For example when you learn something you're improving yourself to become a definitely more intelligent and useful person. When you get vaccinations you're improving your immune system to protect you from more diseases. When you exercise you're improving your lungs/muscles or whatever.
I guess to cut a long story short, what I'm saying is because of getting these vaccinations it made me appreciate how learning things makes you a superior person to what you were.

I've been watching "That '70s Show" quite a bit lately since I have it recorded. Sometimes in the evenings I'll be watching it and then during the breaks I fast-forward and this induces silence from the tv. During these breaks I always become aware of how unaware I just was that I am watching tv alone. It's so easy to feel like you're with your friends having a laugh while watching something funny, but in reality you're terribly alone.

I'm not really listening to Dido these days but whatever.
And I never really listened to these guys apart from this song 
Hopefully someday I'll have a daughter, I really like the names Isobel and Lorelei.
I like these names though from hearing them in these sad stories so I don't think they'd be appropriate.

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