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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

7755 and still alive

Blood like lemonade
HI FRIENDS. Study is going balls but hopefully I'll pass. Fundraising is going slow but hopefully it'll get there. Still need to do a buncha shit for suas... It'll be cooo' though.
I've been dying to go cliff jumping lately. I'd like to try a backflip, whats the worst that can happen? The jumps aren't even that big if you go at high tide. The water is what's really scary, it'd be so cold...
I think I'm going to go with Maeve this weekend if we have a mutual time that fits... I'll be sure to take a picture if I do go.
Token picture:
I like to think they land it nicely and don't do a big bellyflop, but we can't be sure....

Anyways I've too much study to be doing to go at the moment and I'm never out of bed before half 12 really so I waste enough of the day as it is....
I just don't have the time/energy to continue with my superhero stories at the moment, regular blogging is easy since I don't have to think for it.

I got a lovely compliment from my sister the other day; I was playing this piano piece which I had made up as I went along and had recorded on my laptop a while ago and my big sister (who is a complete music nooob) came into the room and goes, "James you should learn that piece, it's really nice.". Even though I know it's actually honestly really shit it's still nice to hear.

So as always I started writing this a few days ago and now I'm getting back to it to wrap this post up, or waffle for another 40 lines who knows yet...

First news is, Apparently we've lost another one lads. Fiachra Cahill has updated his facebook status to in a relationship. Fucks sake. Every man and his dog (weh weh weh) is in a relationship these days.

I did a little google earlier while studying to see what age the cast from that 70s show were and some of the stuff I read was kinda funny. Jackie is the youngest by about 3 years, Hyde the oldest by 2 years. Fez and Dona are in the middle and pretty much the same age. Kelso and Eric are a little older. Laurie was the eldest by an appropriate amount and seemingly she wound up as you would expect her character to, done for DUI.
Leo actually is a stoner in real life, he's been in a few stoner movies and was actually jailed in some drugs investigation. He also had a website selling weed paraphernalia.

As gay as this sounds I really like the thought of doing an old dance to this song in a club.
Speaking of gay, I can't believe this guy isn't gay.

This is turning into just a big link fest. I'll cut this blog post loose and start on my next one before this gets out of hand.

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