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Friday, 22 April 2011


Okay, so I was just discussing with my sis about how I'm going to have 2 wives. Girls dream of growing up and marrying a prince, I dream of growing up and having bitches e'erwhere. Yihyih, polygamy for Jamesy. So the law being fucked up and everything, polygamy isn't legal nearly everywhere decent. Which is ridiculous. Humans by nature are polygamous, so why would the law make people be monogamous?

Imagine how much better it'd be having 2 wives. One could get real good at cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes, and the other could get class at washing clothes and cleaning the house. They'd have to do half the work each and they'd be much better at their tasks because they'd have more time to concentrate on them. If they're ever home alone and lonely while I'm at work they have each other for the chats. When I have kids it'll be easier on them as there are 2 of them to look after the kids. I do realise I'd have to buy twice as much jewellery though, I figure I'd have to buy jewellery for them to share because that way they won't get jealous of what I get the other person. Of course both my wives are going to be well fit. Heck they'll have more time to keep in shape and look after themselves won't they? I'm sure there'd be other cool things you could do with 2 wives but I can't think of any............
So back to my problem; the law. UK and Australia both allow polygamy but only if the marriage was performed outside of the country. So the plan is to get my babes, fly off to africa, be wed, and then go back to the country of my choice. I'm not sure how cool it'll be though if I decide to go to somewhere like America and they're all like, "What you doing with 2 wives mate? That is well not on.".

On the phone to my thang on the side yehyeh.. Nahh I joke, I think if my wife would let me have another wife having a thing on the side would just be rude.

The main problem will be finding 2 dimes who are up for it, I don't want to marry 2 sluts. Also I'll need to get well rich. Needless to say my sister was less than impressed with my plans and not encouraging in the least.

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  1. its the dream and if it doesnt work out: