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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Oh ho ho ho, This boy has a loooooot of study to do be doing....

Supaaaa Dooooopaaaaa Copasetic(I love that word)

I think this blog post is more upbeat so yeah...... ENJOY.

I'm feeling pressure from the man (and by man I mean woman who won't be named) to make this into a blog with pointless hipster pictures of anything I see and talk about my hair and such forth. Which I won't cos that is fuckin' gay.

Ever played Minecraft? It's such a good way to waste hours of your time. If I was still 16 and doing nothing everyday I'd definitely be playing it almost as much as a 16 year old plays with themself. Speaking of wasting time I've successfully not done anything pretty much over the last 3 days.. Got drunk with my cousins and mate, went into college to do very little, played some poker with mates, dossed on the piano and sat through 4 hours of a speech giving competition..... Oh and I've slept a lot.. Not that anybody really cares what I've been up to!

Did you know I very rarely get spam? Well it's true but I just got an email there offering to sell me viagra. Pffffff As IF. I know better than to buy my viagra from the internet. Although I do love it. It's great for you in small doses. If I could I'd consume it everyday. Even though it doesn't taste all that great it makes you feel great and it can really make you open up and be yourself without worrying about the consequences. The hangovers aren't fun though.....Oh I probably should have said I meant alcohol when I was saying "it" just there. I was only joking about buying viagra by the way. I'm 21 not 50, my junk works just fine thank you very much Mr Anonymous viagra seller. That's verbatim what I replied saying, he replied apologising and asking for pictures for proof and my bank details which I obviously sent on lest he think I was rockin' a dodgy balooga. God forbid......

I've been watching a solid 2 episodes of That 70s show every morning. It really is a splendid show. I'm nearly out of them... Might have to move onto some other show soon enough..

Had the strangest dream last night, it's really a blur at this stage but I was in a final fantasy game. I think I was one of the characters but I think I knew my life only existed when someone was playing as me. Dreams are funny like that. Speaking of final fantasy a very pretty girl I know mentioned that she loved the final fantasy games a while ago. Normally every nerd who has played final fantasy would say I'd ask that girl out in a second and then proceed not to should the situation ever arise. If I was the sort of person to ask someone out over facebook then maybe I would have, but as it happens I'm the sort of person to only ever ask someone out while I've got vast quantities of dutch courage in me. Speaking of dutch courage, I had never drank "Dutch Gold" til last night and it's actually grand. Dunno why people call it piss, it's absolutely no worse than Bavaria and it's certainly better than Amstel.

Okay I started writing this post a few days ago, you should have seeeen my dream last night. It was so fucking bizarre I'm not even going to start or I'll be here all day (which would be a nice alternative to studying but I really have to do some study).
This has been a most disjointed post for which I apologise.
I'm audi 5000

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  1. Sorry, Paddy told me you were looking for the V bombs so I passed on your email to my supplier. My badz! Rad pic btw