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Monday, 11 April 2011

Figuratively speaking I'm literally a fridget.

Needless to say I succeeded in failing to snare some babez. High standards (provided I'm not very drunk), a pretty unnattractive personality and the physical appearance of a strung-out 12 year old combined with low effort apparently isn't a recipe for scoring pretty girls.

Had to bring the baby sister home at half 2 because she was tired and drunk and just wanted to sleep. It would have been fairly bent on her friends to have to take her home and it made sense for me to split a taxi fare and be at least a little rested for suas the next day.
So many mouth ulcers at the moment. It's nasty. Generally run down.

It's one week until I'll be the exact same age as my sis was when she died, well, the day she fell which to me is the day she died.. It's funny how I still and probably always will think of her as being older than me even though it's only a week until I'm "older". It's weird to think it's been nearly 7 years. I'm so immature and socially rubbish in comparison to how Aileen was. People love saying how great people were after they died and forgetting their bad aspects, Aileen wasn't always a happy little bee but in general I think I live my life less alive than she did but I guess that's probably to be expected. Hopefully this summer will change that....

This is a little drawing I scribbled into my college journal thing (which I never use) while on the dart a while ago. Just came accross it there.

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