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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bitter boy.

So I've been in a bit of a shitty mood the last few days. Just stress or whatever. Anyways, I think this would have been annoying for anybody:

On "paddys day" (which is a ridiculous day) I was on the dart home and some dad decided lets make this packed dart a fucking playground for my kids. There's poles on the dart for people to hold onto so they don't fall over since the dart is jerky as flunk when it's starting and stopping and Mr Dad has the 3 of his kids running around these poles getting dizzy.
This wouldn't really bother me very much apart from how noisy the kids were and moreso one of the kids was about waist high and he was running around getting dangerously dizzy and was very very close to me, I could tell it was a matter of time before dick-use dad's child would run head first into my crotch. Also this kid had a sucker thing, I can't remember the name for them... The thing they give kids to suck on instead of the mum having to get her baps out all the time when their kid is teething. Anyways, this kid looked about 4 or 5 so really he was too old for one of those things.
These children were also climbing the poles with their dad's help and shouting for him every 10 seconds; "Daddy look at me!! DADDY!! DADDY!!! DAAAADDDYYYY!!!! LOOK!!" , "Daddy Push me up! Daddy, I want to climb it daddy!".
There was this kid in a wheelchair beside them the whole time, he was there before they got on and I'd been idly eavesdropping, but he sounded like a really nice little kid. He was about 9 or 10 I'd imagine, so slightly older than these other kids(4-5/7-8/7-9), but I just thought it kind of added to how inappropriate it was that this dad was encouraging his kids to act the dicks on the dart.
So in short, FUCK YOU to that dad,
Fuck you to the rugby commentators/analysts for always complaining and having an air of superiority,
FUCK YOU to whichever of these 2 women on Golden Balls who is inevitably going to steal.

Of course one stole, bitch starts laughing and smiling as if it's not a horrible thing to do, "Sorry, I had to." As fucking if she had to, nobody forced her, stop laughing and stop expecting the other woman to be happy for you, you just robbed 1500 pounds from her. Apparently her son said she should steal at the end so she "had to". Fat dyke.

Wooooo so that's a lot of negativity out of me.

This is something that I think a fair bit ever since a girl asked me what I'd do if she kissed me. I normally think it at the most inappropiate times and imagine the awkward/funny situation that would arise.

Token Video (dubstepping everything is really getting tiresome)

Also, fuck you to the presenter on golden balls for not being funny, fuck you to the contestant for not being funny and acting like a gimp, and fuck you to the crowd for "oooooooh"-ing when he opens a ball with a small amount of money. Oh fuck you to this next lady for pretending she can read peoples body language. On a more positive note all I can say to this blonde is Fuck me! The fact she's not annoying me yet is probably not related to the fact that she's gorgeous.

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