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Friday, 25 March 2011



Just throwing up a bunch of shitty photos/drawings. I'll speel before each.
This first one is more of a thought sketched onto paper in 3 minutes.

This one is from SU council, Gav and myself were bored... I have a pic on my phone which I couldn't be bothered uploading where I have writen an o over the a in moran, LOL.

I drew these on my wall in my room. They were inspired from an experience in Vancouver. I drew them under the influence on our kitchen table, then I intended to draw it well on my bedroom wall but the chalk made me very chesty in the mornings and I never got to finish it so I took these pics before I took it down. The pics were very bright so I had to crank up the contrast and I stuck some hue on so it wasn't just black and white. Hopefully these 2 pics will give a gist of what I was going for.

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    And you thought I was going to comment on your drawings.