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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hollow and Warm. Safe and Lifeless.

Walk On
This ones about life. Sorta.

Just watched the latest episode of the new skins series and it got me to thinking a bit. When I say tv here I'm not referring to skins but tv in general so don't get mistaken.
TV REALLY gives people a very misguided view of life. Everyone knows not to believe everything on tv and we all know how bullshit peoples lives are on these "reality" tv programmes.

The 2 main things that I think it does are:
1) It gives people a totally bogus (first word that came to mind, I know its a bent outdated word... sue me) view of how the majority of the world live. You watch tv and see people living in a similar world to you but doing different stuff so you don't have to basically. The majority of shows show people living in places that you could very easily relate to yourself. It makes you not realise that the majority of the world live under completely different circumstances.
2) Tv makes you think that the majority of people are happier than they are. People are always pretty surprised at the amount of people that suffer depression. You watch tv and see all these happy endings and people enjoying themselves. Granted you also see people who are depressed but usually they're people who are doing drugs or are having problems of some sort that you can't really relate to. You basically never see your average joe with no problems getting a bit depressed for no big reasons. When people feel down they generally think they're special and this doesn't happen to other normal people THANKS TO TV. Also thanks to the fact that Irish people in general don't express many emotions so you don't usually know when someones got the blues. (you do know when people have the blueys tho, cos for some reason lads are all too happy to be graphic). By the way, if you're reading this and are feeling down,(unlikely since nobody is going to read this, but still) I'd like to let you know that it's OKAY to feel down, You're NOT the only one.

For all that nagging I think Tv is great though and I always find that I have a great night out if i watch one or two episodes of "That 70s Show" before I head out, I've no idea how it works but that show just puts me in a good mood. I think it puts me in the mindset to make some of my legendary jokes. Can't think of any right now but when I'm in the zone, laughter is in the room.

I haven't gotten drunk lately and I seem to do my best work while hungover so that's probably why I haven't been posting and why this isn't funny. I keep on considering using this like a half diary and saying how I'm feeling about things on this but then I wuss out and decide against it to avoid the slaggings that I'd get. Also it's hard enough to know how I feel about my life let so telling other people wouldn't make much sense since I may change my mind on everything every 2 minutes...

I'm xkcd binge-ing on a regular basis at the moment, If you've never heard of it check it out (you probably won't appreciate half the jokes unless you know some maths/physics... You should get a lot of them from a quick google) www.xkcd.com

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  1. next time i see you im going to slag the shit outta you, lol, jk, my crippling depression has me confined to my room.