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Monday, 23 July 2012

Vests and other stuff

(Yeah I'm late. So sue me.)
I've started wearing plain white vests. They're uber-cumfy. Probably just because they're new, but I haven't worn vests in years and boy was I missing out.

Love this

So I got asked loads of questions a while back and I'll finally try answer them now.

"Anyone you know that you particularly envy, and why?"- 
Tough question... There's a lot of aspects of different people that I envy, but no single person who I would swap places with. Some people seem happy all the time but I think the whole social media thing really fucks up your view on other people. If I look at someone's facebook they'll be smiling or having a laugh in all the pictures, which just gives you this impression that they're always happy but in reality they're obviously not like that all the time. A lot of the time I wish I could be one of those people who didn't give a shit about eating animals. It's nothing but an inconvenience and I used to get quite depressed about it. It's just like how there's nothing I personally can do about starving/sick children or torture or wars or all this other horrible shit that happens in the world. There's all this stuff going on in the world and if one thing would make my life happier, it'd be if I didn't give a shit about any of it.

"what's your favourite thing about yourself?"-
Even tougher question.. I was going to say my killer abs, but we all know that's not true. Then I was thinking I like the fact that I don't get worked up over pointless shit like a lot of people do. But then again, sometimes I wish I would get more excited about things. I like that I'm pretty quick at learning sports? That's a bit of a boring one though. How about, my favourite thing about myself is my friends. Awww

"which of your friends would be the most likely to get arrested?"-
I was going to say Padz because he's the kind of unfortunate prick who would get arrested for something stupid just because he doesn't know how to just apologise when he shouldn't have to. Something most guys learn from dickhead teachers in secondary school to avoid detention but he seemingly never did. He'd say he can't swallow his pride, I'd say he can't prioritise. But then I scrolled through my phone contacts and came across Kelly. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Kelly told me she got arrested for something. Probably for breaking some guys arm.

"if you could choose a different career path, what would it be?"-
Professional fun maker. Or, Professional world sadness curer.

"whats your deepest darkest secret?"-
I have some secrets I guess. None that I'd describe as dark though. It's no longer really a secret if I tell you it is it? To be fair, I would like to answer all these questions completely honestly, but I can't spill a secret that involves another person. I'll try think of something though. Hmmmmm.
Ahright, this one isn't really a secret because I don't mind telling people this, but it's something I obviously don't go around telling everybody. 


I remember being quite embarrassed about it so I was hoping people wouldn't find out, which for the most-part they didn't, but my mum told her sister who told her daughter so I'm pretty sure a good few of my cousins found out. Scarlet.
Actually, I bet they all thought I got it from tossing off too much. Had never thought about that before. Igh

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