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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Things people say that annoy me.

-Warning, this has become a very moany post.-

1. Guesstimate. Sorry Dave, that is just one shitty ass word. It's supposed to be a mix of guess and estimate.
Lets do a quick google: Define guess

Estimate or suppose (something) without sufficient information to be sure of being correct.
An estimate or conjecture.

And now, google: Define estimate

Roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.
An approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.

So from that, it's pretty plain to see the ONLY difference between a guess and an estimate, is that a guess is missing information that it needs.

So what the fuck is a guesstimate then, well google says

An estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation.
Form such an estimate of.
So a guesstimate is a mixture of guesswork and calculations.... So it's an answer where you don't have sufficient information to be sure of being correct....Which, going back up to our definition of a guess, is shockingly the same thing.
So what I conclude is, a guesstimate is just a word people use to sound like their guess is a clever guess, whereas in reality it's just a fucking guess so stop making yourself sound like a dick.

2.Over-exaggerate. I'm not sure who says this really, but whenever I hear it it's nearly always not what the person means to say. Just say exaggerate please unless you know you mean to say over-exaggerate.

  1. Represent (something) as being larger, greater, better, or worse than it really is.
  2. Enlarged or altered beyond normal or due proportions.

Over-exaggerate could only mean that you exaggerated too much. Lets think of a pretty typical time I hear this.
Person: Lets get a hot chocolate in there.
Me: But they're a 5er, I dunno.
Person: Nah it's worth it, they're really big.
Me: Okay sure thing.
Me: This is tiny, what were you on.
Person: Yeah, it is quite small, sorry, I guess I over-exaggerated how big they are...
Me: *shudders*

When something like that happens it makes me think, "you dick, why were you exaggerating in the first place?". What the person has said is they were exaggerating the size of it, but they exaggerated too much. It makes sense to say over-exaggerated if say I'm selling apples, and my boss tells me, make people think we have more apples than we do, so instead of being honest and saying I have 5 apples, I say I have 5 billion apples, and then people are just like yeah sure thing you do you liar. Then I could say I over-exaggerated, instead of regularly exaggerating... I'm sorry for dragging this point out so far but I'm pretty hungover and this just seems terribly important right now.

3. Few naggins, be grand.
Well aren't you just the height of fucking cool and originality, you big college kid you.

Put them all together and what do we get?

"zOMG, it was just a guesstimate, so maybe I over-exaggerated a little, but sure, few naggins, be grand."
- urghhhhh

Had a pretty funny moment last night. I didn't have dinner before heading out so I ended up getting pretty drunk off not a huge amount. So I fell asleep on the nitelink as always, and got woken up by the driver while he was on his way back to town. I had sent Shane a text earlier and for some reason that must have crept into my head in my sleep because I dreamt that he rang me saying lets hang out and watch peep show. So when I got booted off the bus I rang Shane to get a lift home and so we could watch peep show. Needless to say he had been fast asleep and yeahhhh. So I walked home.

Onto the trusty questions....

"Forget 10 years, what 5 things do you want in 5 years? (can be experiences, things, anything). What is preventing you from attaining these right now? (other then finishing that game of online chess)."-
I knew exactly who had asked me this question. Mainly because none of my other friends would bother having a list of 5 things they want to do in 5 years. It's a hard question because I literally don't have 5 things I want to do. I'll try give it a go.
1. Getting my fill of skiing would be nice.
2. Some relationships obviously.
3. Move out.
4. Live abroad.
5. I really don't know....
Mainly money is preventing me from those "goals" apart from #2 obviously, which I dunno what's preventing me really, just myself.

"what type of people do you not get on with bar obvious assholes?"-
I can take quite a while to warm to some people.... Mainly overly loud and opinionated people, but I wouldn't say I don't get on with them, I definitely think they don't like me very much though. I'm too literal and "realistic" (for want of a better word) in what I say, I don't exaggerate enough. Overly cool and confident people also take a while for me to decide if they're a dickhead or not. It's hard to trust people who come off very socially confident, because from my experience they're the kind of people who are most often assholes. People who don't enjoy my sense of humour I generally try to avoid having to spend time with. 
Anyway, enough of this.
Til Thursday chaps and chapettes.

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