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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Prince not so charming

I've started learning this on the piano. I really like it. It's pretty pimps but it's making me left hand sore.

So what's been up.....
I went surfing last week with Ryan. It was a very spontaneous little trip, was good fun and maaad cheap actually. Stayed in this hostel in lahinche which was 20 quid a night (only stayed for 1) but they had like 3 surf boards there so I got to borrow one, and they didn't mind us dropping it back pretty late the next day or using the showers even though we weren't staying that night. Pretty solid lil deal.
Surfing is so exhausting though. It wasn't that wavey which was good for me I guess since I'm shit at it, only got going properly like once. It's gas the way you're just paddling out and you're near other people, and relative to them you're basically not moving so it feels like you've gone nowhere until you turn around and realise you're quite a way from the shore.

What else...
I went to Galway for the volvo ocean race this week with Colm and Dave, and Scurf came down the next day. It was really good fun. The highlight was probably Dave telling a girl that he was really surprised she doesn't masturbate because she comes across quite horny. Luckily for him she wasn't very phased by it, it would have been amazing if she took offence. Galway people are awful weed scabs too. It ended up being a bit more of an expensive trip than I had hoped but while we were there I met up with my relatives, and one of my uncles gave me green moneys yo' (100 euro note), which incidentally almost nowhere accepts.

I've just been buzzing about really. Few house parties and the likes. Nothing of any interest really to talk about I'm afraid. Played some squash and also some tennis with Shane. Usually I flick on wimbledon and then want to play tennis. This year I just happened to want to play tennis, then Shane told me wimbledon was on so I watched the final there. Tennis is a real effort to watch, especially if you don't mind who wins. It goes on for agesssssss and every game is basically the same.

So now.....
I've been real shit about the whole job searching lately. I applied to a few and didn't really hear much back, then I went on that surf trip, went to some parties, went to Galway, another party so it's been like a week and a bit since I've actually applied to anything..... I was going to do some little coding stuffs today but didn't get around to it. The lads are going to the pub now, but I think I'll give it a miss. My big sis is back from NY at the moment and she's even worse than Ryan for getting me to do stuff. She wants me to go shopping with her tomorrow to get work/interview clothes. Stress of that. I fucking hate shopping. I've been playing sooo much of this amazing game called Mount and Blade lately. It's sorta turning into my life ^^.

On my endeavours to be more charming....
So at one of my friends house parties the other night I did something really really bent. It was dickheadish. We were dancing in a circle or something, and my friend started coming over to the group, so I said really loudly "Oh no, she's coming over." intending her to hear it, but she thought I didn't think she could hear me apparently, so she turned around. She didn't believe me that I wanted her to hear it at first but I think she did eventually. I'm so used to making jokes like that with moo or the lads that I forget sometimes people might not instinctively know I'm joking. If I had heard someone say that about me I dunno if I'd believe they were joking. My sense of humour is far too cruel for my own good. I'm too sarcastic, sometimes it's more-so lying for the craic than sarcasm.
Define Sarcasm: "a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark"s
Yeah I definitely would rather say I lie for the crack than making cutting remarks. My favourite jokes are the ones where I make people think for a bit that I'm an absolute idiot, but they have to be pretty rare otherwise people just know immediately it's a joke. 
I met someone much more sarcastic than me in Galway. She was friends with this annoying chick who had just given birth. Let's call them sarko and wagon. I asked for a light from wagon and she eventually let me light off her cigarette and so to be nice I reluctantly bottled it and let her have a toke, so the bitch took a whopper toke and immediately passed it to sarko who took a big drag and then wagon grabbed it back off her and was taking another big drag when I snatched it off her. I tried to get the lads to move on but they started talking to sarko and wagon when they walked after me to stinge some more. This was the very end of my bag by the way. Some context; I always only really pack the top 2/3 of a joint so you don't have to smoke the nasty bit near the roach, and some random lad the night before smoked about 1/3 the joint after I used his lighter, he was being bent and he knew it. I forgot my lighter that night, the next night one of the lads had borrowed it hence all the asking for lights.
So anyway, I wasn't feeling very generous and was kinda pissed off they were following us but it was grand in the end anyway. For whatever reason childbirth came up and I said something about it being so fucking disgusting; blood and shit and other gross substances. Then wagon says something like, "If anyone should be smoking that joint it should be me. I just gave birth! (we were sharing with her at this stage btw, no idea why she said that)", and I can't really remember what I replied, but I was pretty much taken aback. I think I said something kinda mean because I still wanted her to fuck off since she was annoying. Something like "Jeeze, if I had just given birth I wouldn't be out getting drunk and smoking joints. Who is looking after your baby?", and then she goes like "Well I haven't actually just given birth, but if I had I'd expect you to be nicer! You're some dickhead.". Then she fucked off and we were left talking to sarko. She basically didn't answer a single question seriously and kept telling us we were all making no sense but she stuck around, no idea why. It was very, very funny actually, Dave has these converse shoes that are actually slip ons but have holes for laces like this.

At one stage he said something or other, and sarko notices he does't have laces so she starts laughing her hole off going "Sure what dyu know! You don't even have lacers!!", real emphasis on the word lacers. She said it a number of times and Colm and I were laughing pretty hard at her saying lacers instead of laces, but I think she thought we were laughing at Dave for having no "lacers" so it was all pretty good. Lacers is a great word though in all fairness. It's really fun to say. After a bit sarko told us that wagon actually does have a kid and that was her boyfriend over there blah, blah, blah. So weird that she had lied about it. I wanted to go over and say sorry and also maybe tell her to never lie about not having a kid again because that's fucked up yo, she should be proud in fairness and not lying about it.... But anyway I didn't because her boyfriend and his mate were standing with her and it'd just have been awkward for everybody. 

Right I've waffled a shit tonne now at this stage. I've been writing this post for ages........
Sorry for posting it so late today, but here it is budz.

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