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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Things are looking up at me while I surf the clouds.

I'm actually getting a little excited to start work.
Crazy eh?
I really hope I like it. They seemed like a cool enough bunch, and they didn't seem to have too high expectations of me, although I'm pretty sure they're gonna expect me to learn things real fast.

It's sunny as shit out today. Wish I had something outdoorsy to do. Playing 2 matches of squash later so I don't want to get wrecked either. Life is full of opportunity costs. The roads not taken.

My lovely car passed the NCT today. Congratulations to my car.

I really want to get drunk and go somewhere where I can just be a creep. It looks like I have to wait until Saturday, which sucks because that's ages away and I want to go get drunk now. I have limited time left until I start work, which really means I have limited time until my summer is over. My last long break from doing anything and I successfully score NO girls whatsoever during it. I've enjoyed it sure, but it'd be nice to have some names for the book, ykno? I'll probably be a state on Saturday night. We're going to pygmalion I think. It seems like it's a slightly older persons place. Last time we were there I got very drunk. Probably too drunk. This time I want to get JUST as locked. I'd kinda prefer to go somewhere more nightclubby than bar though, but at least it's not the fucking Workmans. I fucking hate the fucking Workmans. It's just full of people who don't want to mingle, and freaks. Like drunk old mental men. Probably a lot like everywhere else in fairness but in the Workmans it's bright enough to realise it. Shithole.

I have a bottle of prosecco or something that my neighbour gave me that I should probably open at some stage. Oh yeah, my dad came home from his sailing trip yesterday, and today he told me he wants to get me a present to congratulate me for graduating college and getting a job. So it's looking like either a bike or a laptop at the moment, but I'm not sure. I don't really want a laptop because well, it's a laptop... I'd rather something fun. I hope work give me a laptop to use and I can get something I can get enjoyment out of from dad. Anybody have any ideas?

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