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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Prince Charming

I had an epiphany. Legit.
Not really though, but I have a new plan.

I've always changed the reason why I'm pretty bad at pulling. For ages I thought I was just lacking confidence, then I thought I was lacking motivation, then I very briefly thought I wasn't very good looking (until I fortunately walked by a mirror), I've also thought I need to be more of a dickhead (but then I thought about it and I'm plenty enough of a dickhead to be fair) and once I even nearly thought maybe I'm just not funny, but I am, and if a girl didn't find me funny or fun she's probably very boring so I'm not missing out.
So my new theory is I just need to be more charming. I was thinking about it and I realised that I'm not actually very charming. Going to definitely make a little more effort to be charming. I'm not really sure how, but I'll just generally try to be less cynical, not talk myself down, and try to find trivial things genuinely interesting.

"what do you feel your best when your doing?"- Ehhhh, hard to say.... A single answer.... I'd say skiing. You're basically going quickly, exercising, and trying to survive. You don't get too cold or too hot most of the time, because you're so warm from exercising, but it's so cold outside so you can easily make the perfect medium. Sometimes when I'm playing squash my mind starts to wander, I'll randomly be thinking of lyrics to songs during rallys or something. Maybe it's just because I'm better at squash than skiing, but for me that doesn't really happen too much when I'm skiing because there's repercussions for not paying attention while skiing, so it takes your whole mind. You have no worries because you can't afford to be thinking about them.  You're purely living in the moment. You're operating at a more basic level and it feels great..
Actually, by all this I reckon I'd love boxing. Although that's quite bad for you so what are ya gonna do. Anything dangerous would do, but I'm too much of a puss to do base jumping or something like that.



  1. From doing both, boxing is pretty similar to skiing in that sense yes, but you also get rid of pent up aggression, which I suppose helps you be more charming. You should try it!
    I'm just a girl though, so maybe don't take my advice...

  2. I don't really have any pent up aggression, and if I did have any squash is pretty stress relieving I think... I thought boxing would make me more aggressive though, does getting punched in the face not make you really angry?