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Sunday, 29 July 2012

I'm sorry, this just isn't working for me.

I'm late as always. Just as well I wasn't born a girl or I'd be shitting it the whole time.
Except for I wouldn't because you can't get pregnant from lack of sex (yeah whatever Mrs Mary Christ).

I start work in the morning so I should really keep this short and go to sleep.
I'm actually quite excited. Surprising myself here. I'm sure that I'll feel different come half 7 am tomorrow.

Just watched Sleepers with the parents. I had seen it before quite a while ago. It was great, definitely worth a watch if you're looking for something kinda heavy.

Yeah so the title is re: frequent blog posting. I can't do this twice a week bullshit. Since I started it I don't write posts unless it's a Sunday or Thursday, even if I have something that I want to talk about. So then I forget the good ideas and end up writing kinda filler posts like this one. So yeah, my posts are just gonna  be whenever I feel like it again. I'll try not become job obsessed and write loads of stuff about my job because people don't really care. That's something I've realised, nobody wants to hear about how someone you work with is a dickhead etc. Or at least I usually just don't give a shit when other people start telling me mildly interesting stories about people who I don't know.

The title of this song is great.
[I see they changed it.. It had been called Orgasm Music.]

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