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Thursday, 12 July 2012

10 year plan

I think I should make some sort of 10 year plan. A lot of people have a vague idea what they want from their life, some people (like my sister) plan basically every day of their entire life. I've never really had to plan much ahead of the immediate future, but it's about time I started. Trying to get a job and not hearing back from anywhere kinda gets me to thinking that maybe I should try get a non-computery job for the meantime 'til I get real work. I'll give it a while longer though.

So, I think if I get some computer-nerd job for 1 or 2 years maybe, save enough but move out of home anyway. Then I'd like to move to New Zealand for a few years. I think 24ish would be a pretty solid age to be moving somewhere like that. I realise at this stage this is more like a 5 year plan than a 10 year plan, but sure feck it. I tried.

We have painters in at the moment. It's a wreck the head. My mum was meant to be going away a bit over these few weeks where dad is away sailing, which would have been great because I could have had some parties and stuff. But noooo, instead I have painters in so I can't even feel comfortable lounging about my house. How am I supposed to spend all day watching tv, messing about on the computer, eating and playing piano if there's a painter in judging me for being the lazy asshole that I am... It's awful.


"I think you should start guessing who asks you what." - Nah, that'd spoil the fun. I usually have some idea but people won't like to ask things if I'm going to call them out for asking it.

"can a person really change who they are?"- Yep, all you have to do is a "deed poll" apparently. Can a person change the way they are? Of course, people change their personalities and opinions on things the whole time throughout their life. Not at the snap of a finger though.

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