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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Substance Abuse.

My friend Christine made a blog post recently about substance abuse and how it's sad. She was talking about these 40 year olds doing LSD.

Well it made me feel like I should come clean. I've been really open on this blog but I've always kept my biggest secret still a secret.. I've been abusing a substance for a number of years now. So far as I know nobody apart from my family members and the odd person who witnesses it knows about it. I've been abusing it as far back as I can remember. I blame my mother for setting me on it, but if it wasn't her I'm sure my father would have sooner or later.

I am of course talking about milk. Most people don't see it as that big of a deal. Most people seem to think it's completely okay for it to be sold in shops. Most people, don't understand.
Milk gives me the buzz I need to get through the day. I "use" pretty much everyday at least once. If it's not a glass of milk (known as taking it "straight up" on the street), it's in my bowl of corn flakes (known on the street as "flakin' the milk"), in my hot chocolate (dubbed "pure choco-powdered"). Heck some days I even hit up all 4 of those methods; those are the days when I really feel like things have gotten out of hand.

When people talk with me about it, they usually ask, "what does it feel like, y'know, to ingest milk?",
well I'll tell you this for nothing, it feels fucking great. The hit is very short lived, but it's a high that I've never had naturally in life. Remember back when you were a small child and your parents came back from the shop with sweets? Remember how excited you were? Those sweets could be anything, there could be any amount of them. The not knowing made the suspense all the more intense. Well that my friends is not even close to how I feel when I'm about to gulp me some of the creamy stuff. Most of the enjoyment comes from the second right before you drink, knowing that your deepest desire, practically a carnal desire, is about to be sated. The moment of consuming the milk is a feeling of satisfaction. You feel happy. You feel relieved.

I feel I've dwelt too long on the good side of milk. I'm not trying to make more addicts here. I'll be the first to tell you milk has its dangers. First off, if you're lactose intolerant you really shouldn't drink milk. It can make you feel bloated, queezy and even make you fart. Even if you're able to take milk, if you take too much, you can get kidney stones. These are supposed to be very painful, thankfully I've never had to experience them but I'm playing a fine line with fire. Any day now I could easily OD.

I'm about to run out of battery here so I'll leave you with this picture I found when I google searched for milk overdose. Just in case you still don't take this seriously.
I may never get over my milk addiction, but I'll live with it one day at a time and I hope this post maybe will let people know just how dangerously addictive this substance can be.

OH and as usual here is a song, except this time it's a shit song, 
but at least they know they're shit and make no illusions about it.

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  1. well THAT was an anticlimax, genuinely thought you'd make some big revelation.