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Monday, 20 February 2012

Elly and Embarrassment.

There's probably a lot I could say about the squash trip to Galway but it would all be very generic so fuck that.
I want to talk about the 2 things in the title (in reverse order).

When I got off the dart today I figured I'd go get a pot noodle or 2 in the shop beside the station since pot noodle on toast with a glass of milk (straight up) is the bomb. It just so happened that they were playing "Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera, which being fair, is kind of a catchy song. So I paid for my food and started making my way home.
Along the way I looked back and there was nobody behind me so I figured it was safe to see what raps I could recall and then, naturally, Genie in a bottle (specifically the bit linked) came into my head. I don't really know the words so I was sort of just making them up and singing all high pitch.
Then I heard a noise behind me so I glanced quickly over my shoulder and lo and behold, there was a figure walking quite closely behind me. She must have just came out of her house as I passed by it. I was very embarrassed. She had obviously heard me singing, I hadn't seen her properly so I was very worried it was someone I knew. It was just at the stage where I like to cross the road so I sped-walked across and when I got to the other side I looked across the road.
I didn't know the woman, but she gave me a really good old stare as if to say: "I heard you, you're a freak and a benny.". I bet it's going to turn out it was one of my mums friends or some gossip who knows my mum, that'd be perfect.

I've been listening to this song quite a lot lately and on the bus back from Galway I was thinking about why it is I like Elliott Smith so much.

I think the main reason his music is so nice is how he really puts his emotions into the music. His songs are such a personal insight into his life and what he's thinking about. To be quite honest sometimes I don't even know what he's talking about, but it's just obviously sad.
Some artists these days sort of do that I guess, but more often than not they just talk about what's socially acceptable. The "I love you so much" lyrics in generic pop, the "I want to get drunk, stoned and fuck bitches" in fake hip-hop, and "I want to lash out" in metal. It's all so very typical and easy for the masses to relate to. I like that I can't relate to a lot of Elliott's music, he dumps you into his point of view of life.
From Elliott's music you really wouldn't be surprised that he committed suicide [1]. In a selfish way it makes me glad that I don't ever feel as shit as Elliott must have most of the time.
I had this a lot clearer in my mind on the bus home, I feel like I've waffled and haven't really got my point across here... Maybe I'll try again some day.

This song is well cool. The tune kinda reminds me of Crash Bandicoot for some reason.

[1] - I'm not going to debate.

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