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Monday, 6 February 2012

Blame Game.

I've started learning this on the piano. I don't have gigantic enough hands for some bits but it's pretty nice, looking forward to knowing it properly.

(I had the wrong version of this song linked. This one has some great chitchat at the end.)

I'm in the library, clearly being really productive, and I am really surprised by how much enjoyment I get from just looking out the window at people walking by. There's a pretty constant stream of people just going in and out of my field of view every few seconds. In my life for a few seconds and then they may as well be gone forever. Each one with their own little story, their own goals, their own little group of friends where they are important, but not to me. 99% of them are as irrelevant as can be to me. I don't know them and most likely never will. Even if I do meet them I won't remember sitting up here looking at them and wondering what their life is like. Are they happy? Do they have a special person in their life? Everybody pretty much always has somebody who they like to think about. Who is it for this obese girl, or that awkward nerdy looking schoolboy who walked by earlier, or the pretty schoolgirl who was walking ahead of him.

The library is a funny place. It's very easy to get distracted from your work and people-watch, especially for me since I always sit beside a window; I just fall asleep otherwise.

It's a nice break from work. 

My life is a break from work.

I played in a squash competition over the weekend. I played in the C-section since I'm shit these days. I lost my first game to the guy who won (he wasn't particularly good). 
I watched a good few games, it's crazy to see the kids who were so small when I used to play but now they're better than I probably ever will be. They have all become so good. I decided I'm going to start playing squash again, I'm going to make an effort to get decent at it again. 
I hate being shit at it.
It's embarassing.

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  1. it's always funny though when you do eventually meet these people properly and then they look really familiar and you tell them that, only to realise later that you don't know them at all and you've just creeped on them from the library.