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Saturday, 25 February 2012


I made a post and thought of another one the last few days, but they're quite depressing so I'm not going to post them right now.
I'm making an effort to be a happier person.

Check this picture out and see if you notice anything.

Well maybe you didn't because you didn't have to look at it for 5 minutes.
The picture is bullshit. It's a lie.
If it had loaded 100% I shouldn't be looking at smegging "loading 100%", especially not for the next 5 minutes when it only took 20 seconds to get to 100%. I can understand how it would happen, since the program broke due to connectivity or something but it still had loaded enough to get that far, but really, get rid of the 100% and say connection error or something.
If I make a program which has a loading bar it will never get to 100% because 100% means it's finished with loading so I shouldn't need to look at the progress.
0-99% baby, all the way.

Might be a re-link but whatevz.

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