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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

As you wish.

I got Netflix so I've been watching a fair few random movies lately. Watched The Princess Bride last night, hence the title. Despite being a bit bent it was really enjoyable.

Today was my parents 30th anniversary. Mum, Dad, Moo and myself went for dinner in an Indian.
I love Indian, it's pretty slick for veggos.

We went through the usual chats:

  • Laughing about how my parents went on a date, didn't like each other (Moreso didn't give each other a proper chance) and then a few years later went on a date again and hit it off. 
  • Then we talked about how mum dated a drug addicted edgy lawyer.
  • Then the parents pestered us about our non-existant love lives.
I should probably mention 3 things at this stage.
  1. I drove there, but the 3 of them had cocktails while we were waiting to be seated. Gin and Sin was apparently what they were called. Bent name and it was a pretty bent looking drink, but cocktails are always like that. So we slagged my dad for being a batty since he's a manly man kinda guy drinking this drink. That was irrelevant though, the reason I mentioned this is because my next point is.
  2. My mother is a huge lightweight. She can't handle much drink, and those Gin and Sins were quite strong in fairness. So with one of those and 2 glasses of wine she was getting pretty drunk.
  3. The parents went for a night away on Sunday so 2 of my mates (Shane and Rob) came over and we had some doobies and watched movies. 

I swear to god my mum really thinks there's a good chance I'm gay. She asked me was my friend Rob gay, because "he seemed to dress nice" but I know the actual reason is because she actually thinks I might be gay, and if Rob is gay and slept on a mattress in my room then I definitely am gay so she may as well ask that question in case it's a giveaway. Rob will be happy to know my dad was quickly on his side saying something along the lines of him not seeming gay and wondering what Mary was on about.
Anyway, later she got more to the point and was like "James you know if you were gay, your father wouldn't mind, we would accept you whatever way you are.". To which my father was understandably getting a bit awkward and was protesting saying he never said it'd be okay or something, I was too busy being relieved he was sticking up for me. If he actually thought I was gay I'm sure he would come to be okay with it, so he clearly doesn't think I'm a batty unlike my mum, I'd be gutted if he thought I was, I'd feel like such a failure of a man.

My mum said before she only jokes about me being gay because it's okay to since she knows I'm not. Times like that thought she definitely isn't joking.
I've thought before I could get one of my mates of the fairer sex to pretend to be my girlfriend just so my mum would fuck off, but that'd be something a gay guy would do. It'd be far too awkward anyway.

On the squash front I think I'm getting less shit. I've been playing a little.
I'm actually going to Intervarsities this Friday despite not even being in the club this year, (I don't think they know). They were stuck for a player since someone pulled out so I'm filling in a spot.. It's only on the B team so it'll probably be really easy, which is good because I can get really drunk then both nights, but bad because I'd rather get a decent game. 

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  1. My mother has asked me several times if I'm a lezzer. She always does it in places like coffee shops as well.