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Monday, 27 February 2012

Good idea - Bad idea.

I'm in college doing some work, quite poor quality work but hey, I'm making an effort by being here at least.

Last night I really wanted to smoke an aul j but my parents were home and I figured it would be too risky since I had to roll one and then smoke it, and then still worry about my mother seeing me; she's a very light sleeper.
My parents were out this morning when I got out of bed so I figured I'd roll one or two while I had the opportunity.

The first one was an ugly little duckling, but sure fuck it, it'll do. I had put quite a bit into it.
The second one I didn't put quite so much in but to be honest, I think I rolled it delish.
It looks great. Not my usual conical mother fucker. This one was much straighter but still a slight conical-ness to it.

I was supposed to be meeting 2 of my friends in college today so I brought it in just on the off-chance they were in the mood but for whatever reasons I'm not meeting them.

That leaves me here.
In college.
Trying to do work.
With 2 joints figuratively burning a hole in my pocket.

Reasons why it would be a:
Good Idea

Shane texted me a while ago. Wondering what I was up to. 
I think I should go home and smoke it with him.
It's getting close to the time where I hate to head home.
I should go home now.

Bad Idea

I got my draw for the trinity squash competition.
If I win my first match (which I should easily unless this randomer turns out to be a hidden gem) I don't get to play the person I was hoping to play. I want to play this guy who I've played with for years and until I stopped playing squash very much, I beat him 90% of the time.
This leaves me in the predicament that if I win I have to play a different player who is far better than the player I had hoped to be against. There's one space in ranking difference but fields of difference in caliber.
It's unfortunate because there's a guy ranked slightly ahead of me and I'm a lot better than him, but since I'm not active in the club, I have his draw and he has the one which I so desire.
Listening to this song makes me want to really just fucking go for it. If I beat the guy in my way I'll get to play my old friend, and if I beat the guy in my way, I should have no problem pissing all over my old friend.
He who is in my way is very good, but if I get him on a bad day, and I train a lot between now and then...
I could maybe win. Or get a game at least.. That's more than my old friend will get surely.

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