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Thursday, 8 November 2012

I think of so many things to write about these days

but my friends are posting too much (which is great) so I end up going as far as blogger.com and then reading their blogs and doing something else.

I dunno what to talk about now.
The titles I have saved in my phone are...

  • I have no redeeming qualities.
  • Not everything in this magical world is what it seems.
  • Conversation with god.
  • Libido.

Tell me which one to write about and I'll do whatever most/any people say.

I also have one called awkward lunch but I'm not going to bother talking about it because I didn't write anything under the title. the tl;dr of it is it was just one of those days where you're so terribly awkward and it's just no fun whatsoever.

Grad was really fun. It was kinda bad the way since everybody is there, you can't spend enough time with anybody, but it was still very good. 

Here's some real cool songs I've been listening to lately.

In fact, just lash on this playlist.
It's what I've been listening to most days in work.
So good.

Everybody keeps asking about a housewarming party and it'd be nice to have one, but the fact is the house is only so big, and it's quite narrow with limited seating so you really can't fit everybody in... Anybody wanna head out this weekend? I'd love to have a big party though.. It's also really hard to get a date that suits most people. This weekend probably would have been good but we just aren't assed I think since grad was last weekend. My bosses birthday is next weekend, it's his 50th. It's 20s and 30s themed and he specifically said "just don't be a bloody gangster, it's so unoriginal.", so any ideas for that would be great!?!

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