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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sometimes I used to get pretty depressed.

I even tried to overdose once, sure it was on multi-vitamins, but the sentiment was there.

That's not actually true. I thought it was an amusing thought the other day as I popped some multi-vits, I reckon someone has said that before.

My back is sore and I'm tired so this will be short.

This is good.
The second guy is really funny.

I made an 8tracks account since I use it everyday in work.
I'm Heuuuth, haven't uploaded any playlists yet though.

We finally got wireless bband in our house, wahey.
Housewarming this saturday, hopefully I won't be sick or some bullshit for it.
Work is actually so cold, I think thats why my back is sore. There must be a draft or something where I sit because I think I'm usually colder than everybody else....

Formspring stuffs.

"how is skinny wrists a bad quality? what's wrong with skinny wrists? would you rather have horrible chubby ones?"
Skinny wrists are bad because my wrists are TOO skinny.
They're too weak and not masculine.

"that list could have been written by me. very similar but im probably a bit more extreme on the negatives"
Hello friend.

"you're good at making people happy, somebody else once described you as "a saint" which is cute"
I think I love you. This made me happy. I'm definitely no saint though.

"i'm bored, post some jokes"
I used to know jokes, but not anymore. I only know really long jokes that aren't that funny and that's what makes them funny. Ya dig? And I'm not typing them out. Far too long.
Here's a short one. Why did the Mexican drive over his wife? Tequila!

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