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Sunday, 18 November 2012

This is just a title.

It's been a fun weekend.
Definitely a fun one.

I want to walk around town more, it was really nice just wandering a bit today, but then it started raining so I started heading home. My cousin brought me in a keyboard which I haven't tried using yet but it doesn't look that great but sure we'll see. (coming back to this blog a few hours later, it's okay. it's weird playing without a pedal).

Had bubble tea for the first time today, it was really nice actually and the guy who served me was really nice too which definitely makes you want to come back. The frozen yogurt shop guy was really nice too, and if you guess the weight right you get it for free which is fun.

I'll try blog tomorrow, no promises though. It'll be the one about I have no redeeming qualities.
Someone pointed out to me that the cary grant/chimney sweep stuff was about ideas as what to dress up as. 2 fantastic ideas, thanks and sorry I was too stupid to realise what you were talking about. I ended up not going to that party though since most the work crowd weren't and I didn't want to spend a night talking to 50 year olds I don't know. Hey if I had a girlfriend I could have been like, hey doll you're coming to this with me so I can network, and she'd be all like no but I spose I have to coz i'm all like your girlf and stuff. CUTE EH? Me and my gal would be so cute like that.

Anyway, someone said they can't see the pics in the last post. No idea why they won't work, not assed to re-do them. Just use your imagination.

I really enjoyed getting those 3 messages by the way. 
Nobody will probably do this but somebody please message me something in the anonymous box about something that you've been thinking about lately. Can be absolutely anything.

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