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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I have no redeeming qualities.

I'm a dickhead,
I'm lazy,
I'm awkward socially,
I don't like new people when I first meet them,
I'm pessimistic,
Depressed too often,
I have a terrible memory,
I'm going grey,
I have skinny wrists,
I've never had a relationship,
I have feminine eyebrows,
I get red-eye in every photo,
I don't put myself out there often enough,
I look like a junky,
I have a posh voice,
I play too many video games,
I'm ugly,
I have bad rhythm,
Nobody loves me,
I dance like a twat,
I suck at singing,
I get sleepy too often,
Too self conscious,
Too self absorbed,
I regret too much,
I feel lost, always,
I read into everything too much,
I'm completely paranoid,
I have no idea what I want,
I feel like I haven't lived,
I'm terrified that i never will feel like I have lived,

I'm also totally skitz.

I'm funny,
I'm not bad looking,
I have no long term illnesses or health problems,
I'm quick witted,
I'm coordinated,
I have good balance,
People usually seem to like me,
I'm fairly well educated,
I'm pretty nice,
I'm not one of those loud people,
I'm modest,
I'm pretty patient,
I'm the most class person in the world,
I have good friends,
I'm good at most things I try,
I'm easy going,
I'm fun,

It's funny how I've never done something like that before, well, before I took that down in my phone; I guess writing that there was the second time. I was sitting on the dart and I decided to just list everything I don't like about myself or am insecure about. Then when I wrote I'm totally skitz I decided that would be an appropriate time to start listing things I like about myself, and I feel a lot stronger about the good things than I do about the bad things.
The bad list is about twice as long, but that's okay because you can always think of things to improve, but things you're actually happy about are harder define.
When I was in Kenya we did this exercise where we all anonymously wrote down a few things about each person in the group, and then the person to your right read them all out for you when they were collected. It was really nice because you don't realise how appreciated you are until you hear it, and as Irish people we're exceptionally good at not letting people know when they're appreciated. My favourite one was someone wrote that if they had to be stuck in an elevator with anybody, it would be me. I think my face lit up when I read that. I don't know who wrote it, but it's exactly the kind of person I want to be.

In keeping with this post, the bads and the goods. Wanna formspring me something you dislike and something you like about me? Even if you're an anon follower and have never met me, how about you tell me something you dislike and something you like about this blog.

If you want me to tell you honestly what I like about you, message me in formspring and give me a password to encrypt the response for you with.

I'll leave you with this lovely song.

p.s I really enjoyed those messages people formspringed me, it's always fun to hear people think very similar thoughts to me sometimes!

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