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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Being stuck in a life raft out in the middle of the ocean would be boring

but at least I wouldn't have to pretend not to be bored.

God work was boring today. I was doing something real simple and boring and it just was absolutely no fun whatsoever. It was definitely one of those days where you think, "There's no fucking way I can keep doing this much longer". It was to the point where I was nearly regretting moving out because I can't quit because I need the money. I was thinking if I don't go away skiing I can probably afford to quit after my 6 month probation thing and last out the year lease with some part time job.
I don't regret moving out though. It's a pretty sweet house in a pretty sweet location and it's a great laugh living with friends. If you haven't come to see it yet you should drop by and say "hello James, hello house" and if you smile too I might even make you a cup of tea. Barrys Tea. Gold Blend. (We have green blend at work and it's so fucking bad compared. And no sugar to make it better. )
The gaff's address is {"iv":"HZdZQtJhkdv9+mu0DK2q1g","v":1,"iter":1000,"ks":128,"ts":64,"mode":"ccm","adata":"","cipher":"aes","salt":"D1FPB/uQTW0","ct":"tm97JrZ+v/zLOJWrLEIgmTJby9IUrqkEn6/5svHSOge80PXBkfUPeWrfm4l5F77r3nNl/1R0NS+VY/BSt/wctCrzRXuusiGTk4VIrtS8mqCD0MQ"} so if you're walking by after say 6ish pm on a wkday or at the weekend just gives a buzz cos I'll likely be here.

Work definitely will get more enjoyable. I quite like it at times but just days like today are fucking killer.

Anyway, grad this Friday. Quite looking forward to seeing all the friends. It's kind of annoying that I'll only get to spend so little time with so many people. Too many friends is the problem you see.. Too many different groups. At least we're all going to the same place, and we can basically invite everybody back here too which should be fun.

I miss having a piano already :p, there is a music shop quite nearby if I want to dick about on one at the weekend, but without any musics to learn and with people being there able to listen I probably won't ever bother. My cousin said I could borrow his bigass keyboard but there's nowhere to really put it apart from maybe my room? But then where do I store it. Blegh.

Really hope I don't konk or get too drunk on Friday. It should be a top laugh. Hope everybody is in good form.

I really like Bat For Lashes.
Thanks Gaffers.

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