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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Remember when I had planned to blog twice a week? 
Hah, yeah..
How about that.

So. Someone, not actually sure who, in fact no idea who, but someone said to write about Libido.
In fact, they said:

What the hell is that chimney sweep bit about?
Also, no, I'm not going to write my blog like one of the desperate housewives (oops, completely thought Cary Grant was one of those sex and the city chicks or something, just as well I did a quick Google or I might have looked like an... Oh wait... Where's teh dlete butotn!?).

So yeah, it was actually going to be a positive post anyway, but thanks for making me feel like I'm just doing what I'm told. I bet it was a girl who wrote that. Chicks always be trying to make you do shit on their terms.

So anyway.


It's actually kinda hard to find the right picture for something like that.
Safesearch off and you basically can't get anything without a vag or a dick in it, and safesearch on you get wooly jumpers. Safesearch moderate and you get such a random mix of stuff.

I was thinking about this on my way to, or from work, can't really remember, but I just remember that I was walking at the time so it was nearly definitely one of those 2 times. What was I thinking you ask?
Well you're going to have to wait until I stop waffling. Which is soon.
I was thinking about how I was really uninterested in most girls for a while, it was actually slightly worrying. Maybe I was a lil depressed without realising it? Or maybe it was just from lack of being around girls that I would lust after, lust is a great work, it's like saying wanna bone but way less crass. But that wasn't the case so I dunno. Maybe it was the lack of being around NEW hot girls?
Although I'm hardly talking to lots of hot girls these days, but I will tell you what I'm doing lots. 
Walking past hot girls. It's crazy.
I'm not sure what it is, but on my walk to and from work I seem to walk by loads of hot girls. Especially in the mornings, but even more especially in the evenings.
I digress.
So yeah, I dunno what it is about baggot st, but in the evenings there's just so many really good looking girls walking around. Maybe it has something to do with having just finished a day of work? Or maybe it has to do with the candlelit effect from the dark night sky, yellowy street lights and brighter but less prominent lights coming from the houses and small shops on the sides of the road.
Or maybe the girls around there are just good looking girls and there's no "excuse" for it.

It's really nice to have this basic instinct back in my life.
It's nice to want things.
Until recently I wanted a meaningful, soulful relationship.
Now I find myself moreso just wanting a lustful relationship.


I'm trying to find an appropriate image of a beautiful woman to put as another picture but I'm getting too many so I'm going to just post a load.

And one with boobs because eh, well, because I can.

Hegre art have such beautiful models but it's really hard to get ones that aren't overly explicit..


Actually, thinking about it now, libido is another word like lust. It means basically the same thing as hornyness but it's totally okay for me to blog about libido; if I was writing about being a randy fiend this whole post would be no longer acceptable, but I've said libido so I've basically safeguarded myself... Although pointing out that fact probably just ruined any credit that saved me.

Who cares.

Who even reads this thing.

I bet there are some sneaky readers actually, I get too many views from Ireland for there not to be a few of my friends reading it who I'm not aware read it, or else my friends who do read it and I know read it re-check it quite a lot. Lynch already told me he rechecks it a fair bit.

Anyway, surprise me sometime and tell me you read my blog if I don't know :). I'd like to hear more opinions on what a boring blog I keep and how shit I am at updating it. Actually nobody has called it boring. Yet. Apart from me.

This is boring.

I'm boring.

Here's a song that I really like (I was going to link a lovage song to keep the sexual theme going but this song is too nice)

Choose for next blog:
  • I have no redeeming qualities.
  • Not everything in this magical world is what it seems.
  • Conversation with god.
p.s please message me things in the formspring box. It's really fun getting anonymouse emails, definitely brightens up my day when I'm at work.

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