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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Monopoly gives you unrealistic hopes for the cost of accommodation.

Accomodation is expensive. You can't buy all of Kimmage for 60 pounds.
Getting a place is really a pain in the ass. Went to see a place in Terenure yesterday with Donal. He quite liked it but I thought it was a dive. Makes me wonder what that place was like in Portobello that he seemed to really like and Gav seemed to not like very much. Donal was saying about the space in that place, but I thought the whole place was kinda cramped. Anyway, it doesn't matter because your mano was saying how it's got families on both sides so there's no tolerance for noise whatsoever.

I really like this song. It reminds me of Elliott Smith. 

My phone doesn't come with a pre-installed notes application; I finally got around to downloading one on the dart home one of the days this week though. The dart is where I generally think of most ideas for what to blog about, and not having something to write them down on really makes me just not bother blogging later because I've went to the effort of thinking up some real profound and interesting stuff and then bam, I've to do all that thinking again because I have the memory of a Markovian process (that lil joke would give Matthew Walsh a hard-on. Pity he doesn't read this.). I'm very close to deleting that and just putting in goldfish. I know I'll regret not doing it but whatever. 

Funny fact: When I type 20 into my phone, it automatically writes 20bag unless I click to show I meant 20. I'd be worried but I actually haven't been getting bikkied at all lately.

I finally have a laptop which I can actually call my own. In my head it will be the key to productivity and I'll do way more coding. No idea why I think that but we'll see.
I want to finally finish my twin-apps and then write a countdown game and host it on my server so people can play their friends online through my website. 
That'd be cool.

I'll leave you with this, it's from a Regina Spektor song. 
I think it's a pretty motivational lyric.

Today you're younger than you're ever going to be.

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