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Thursday, 11 October 2012

*exhale* where to begin.

So what's been up.
It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last real post, quite a while I guess.
I've been putting off posting so I'm gonna do a real lazy one and just type whatever crosses my mind here.

In the general life front, we haven't found a gaff yet and I've decided I'm going to buy a laptop (I had been leaning towards a pc but I've decided fuck that). The bank balance is nice at the moment. Gonna take a serious hit though when I fork out 900ish quid for a laptop and then moving out will basically halt the growth of my balance. My poor growth :(. It was a rare good sort of growth. Not like a mole or something. Nothing against moles of course. Or people who possess them. Just y'know. Whatever.

Been watching lots of weeds lately. It's a great show. My lil sister was watching it so I figured I'd watch a bit as I was wrecked or something, can't really remember why. But anyway, she's stopped and I'm still going and I thought it'd be fine since Netflix shows 3 seasons of it, but I realised yesterday that there's like 8 seasons of it in total. Fuck that. Doesn't that just seem like an insane amount of effort? Watching THAT much TV? There's like 15 episodes in season 3 anyway, surely there can't be that many in each season right? And it's hardly going to stay good if it's gonna be that long... Does it mean that the show probably isn't that good if I'm complaining about there being too many episodes? Definitely not something I'd complain about for something like Freaks and Geeks....  Hmmmmm.

I lost my almost year long frigidity on Saturday night. It was a weird feeling going that long without even scoring someone and then ending it. I felt like I was cheating on my frigidity. Well. Not actually. But it definitely crossed my mind that I could have went for the year and then it'd be something interesting I did. Sadly not intentionally so it's not actually interesting. Really just depressing. I guess there was nothing to be sad about actually. Ignore me, I'm rambling.

So yeah, I basically got very very drunk. I bought a round of shots since I'm flush now, and I even tipped the barman to be nice, and he didn't give a shit. They never do. Well, I'm basing that on 2 occasions in Ireland. Twice I've been drunk enough to think tipping the barman might get me faster service in future, and twice they've given me looks just shy of disdain. I don't think I made a return trip to the bar this time, but last time I tipped a barman he went on to serve 3 chicks before me even though they weren't at the bar before me. Was a waste of time altogether. The prick.

Sooooooo where am I. Yeah we were dancing away and I saw this real cute girl on the side of the dance floor so I figured I'd go say hello. Which I did, and I got shut down of course as always. I think it was one of those times when you just have no idea what to say and they're just not interested so there's no buzz or anything to joke about and it ends up awkward, but at least I was really drunk so if anything it was only awkward for her. Anyway, no idea what happened next but I ended up kissing this girl, a friend of my friend, who I'd met a few times before but she had always been sorta scoring my mate Colm the other times. He has some Brazillian chick going on now though. I did text him being like would you care etc so I'm grand, and he's the last person in the world to care about that sorta thing. Actually, he'd be the last person in the world to get upset about anything. 


Turns out I had less to talk about than I thought. 
Well peace out for now.

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