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Monday, 15 October 2012

Oh what a joke.

So it's 10 past 1 somehow. Colm came over and we played some foosball (I got a foosball table), then some SARBC as always (and I won. yes yes), and then ff8 of all things. But somehow the time flew by and all of a sudden I'm just back from dropping him home and it's this late.

Here's a pic that I just got tagged in. Check out how awesome I am.

It's crazy because that isn't a bunch of pictures thrown together. It's actually just one picture, I moved so fast that it just looks like I'm in very specific places at the same time. The reason it's not just a blur is just because.

Ohyeah, so the reason I made this post is because of my dad.
When I got home my sister and her friend were playing on the foosball table. So when my dad gets home a few minutes later he saw them playing, comes into the kitchen and goes:
"James, you might not be a hit with the girls but your foosball table is at least!".
So burned by my own dad.
Thanks dad.

I did laugh until I realised that I should be annoyed or something so I did that instead then.

Here's a song.
It's pimp.
Too pimp.
So pimp in fact that I'm not entirely sure it's not just ripping the piss.

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