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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Moving out.

So we finally found a place. It's slightly pricier than we'd have liked, but it was basically our upper limit, and it looks nice enough so we figured we'd go for it.
The area could possibly be a bit rough, but sure I'm always game to be a bit tougher. Ykno me. Mad yoke.

I started reading this blog, and it's way better than mine.
Truely fantastic stuffs. It's about a US girl who basically went on a "road trip" to get away from college and secretly became a stripper.. Not far into it but so far so great.

I like the imagery in this song, even if it's not the most amazing.

This one's similar vain, slightly nicer song though, less witty more of a point..

Pretty cool album cover innit.

So yeah I'm moving into the place this wkend. Might have no internet for a while. It'll be interesting if nothing else. I have a lot more I want to say but I'm just so friggin' tired, and Shane has done 3 blogs and christine has done one too so I have a lot of reading to do before I can sleep :) !

Was on a Portishead buzz in work today.

God I love Portishead.
But so depressing.

The nicest music seems to be the most depressing. I should make a graph of the niceness : depressingness of artists and see what I should in general listen to.

Oh I got asked:

"life all its cracked up to be so far?"- Eh, all in all, so far, no probably not. I always thought when I was little that life would be very enjoyable and full of new experiences. I actually thought I'd enjoy working hard and making money. Like everybody else I'm slowly growing older and slowly realising that my life isn't going to randomly change itself for the better by itself. And like everybody else I'm making do with what I have since nobody really knows what it'd take for them to be happier.
Keeping an eye open for a better life, but also aware of my psychological baggage that you can't just up and leave.

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