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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I stare at screens. It's what I do now.

I get so square eyed these days.
Reading stuff on screens all day in work just fucks with my eyes, and then if I have nothing to do when I get home I just watch tv / dick about on the computer, so it just makes it even worse. Right now my eyes are so fucked I can barely see. Thank god for sleep eh?

And thanks to Shane for linking this pretty slick band to me.

My cousin's wedding was last weekend. It was amazing fun. It's great seeing your relatives, you forget how nice they are to you. Full of compliments so they are that lot.
It was a weird wedding because none of the cousins were invited apart from us since we're very close to the bride as we live near them. My aunts and uncles though are great fun altogether. The dancing was gas craic.
I was giving it socks.

Went to Electric Picnic the next day. Caught up with Shane in Athy and we popped over. It was good fun, especially getting loadsa free booze from Colm. First place we looked for him and there he was behind the counter. That's the thing about those things actually. It's fucking impossible to find anyone. Especially with smartphones. Signals better these days, but battery life is shite. I charged my phone that morning and it still died after about an hour after getting there.
Ended up getting not quite drunk enough and then a bit too bikkied a bit too early and just basically sat down by a fire and wanted to go to sleep. It was good fun all the same though, but so much for planning on pulling a britch or 2 that weekend.

My little sister is finally back from Canada for the summer, and we watched the movie Death Proof the other night. I thought it was really good anyway. Also, The Runway is another one we watched and that's pretty slick too. Totally different, very Irish.

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