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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ah yeah. That's it lads. The world's done for.

This whole 2012 buzz. World ending etc.
Is it just me or has everybody been really quiet about it lately? All these muzzie nations getting real pissed off at other countries because of what one guy in them said is nuts. Some of these places have nukes and the likes. Shit could pop off so easy and when it does, we're basically all fucked. I'm not really bothered to worry about it though. I'm not worried at all. That'd be a waste of time.

Went cliff jumping with Ryan, his kiwi mate, and Ryan's brother and sister the other weekend. It was actually really, really good fun. I hadn't really seen Ryan's siblings for a while, they've really grown up. His brother is a full on adult now, and his sister is no longer a little kid. How weird is it when you hear someone who you think of as a child saying things about being out in town. It's nuts. Really makes you realise how you're no longer a kid yourself, and also in a way notice how young you were when you used to talk like that.

Anyway, check me out.

I'm gonna be moving out sometime pretty soon with 2 of the lads from college. Actually can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. We're still househunting at the moment, but we reckon somewhere around Rathmines would be ideal. Really looking forward to having a housewarming party, I hope we get a good place for parties, as in a deece amount of space. It'd be handy to have somewhere like that to have parties to keep in touch with the class etc. I'm gonna miss having the piano there, even though I don't play it all that much.

Gonna get a google dev account soon and then you can all (all 3 or something of you) bask in the awesomeness of my app. Going to stick up the encryption side too and maybe charge for it. It'd be cool if even one person bought it I reckon.
Gonna migrate to blogging on my own website one I'm bothered. Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of notice.
Hopefully not too long away......... :P

Anyway, figured I'd just pop in and say hello.

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