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Friday, 28 September 2012

Hey friends!

This track really gets ya to thinking:

I really like the bit,
"I don't know what I am, but a part of that is knowin' what you ain't "

It's very true. I really hope I grow up to be a parent who can tell their kids gems like that. Just profound stuff that grounds you. Gives you a better clue as to what's going on you know?

So the house hunting is going slow. I had this idea in my head there'd be tonnes of deadly gaffs just waiting to be let out, but it's not the case. It's crazy competitive to get a good house it seems. The good ones are gone the evening they're put up. We applied for one today, I emailed about 15 minutes after it went up, and Donal rang about half an hour after that, yet we still haven't heard from them. It was a pretty slick house, had a piano and all. Funny though, one bedroom was sooo nice, huge, and then one was really quite small. Would be interesting to see who would get lumped with what if we get it! It had a piano too which is pretty fucking cool, although it looked ancient from the pics.

Finally got a visa debit card, wayooo, applied for a credit card but they were all like noway son you can't do that shit online cos you only been workin' lyk a month, but they nicely and unexpectedly sent me out the debit card. So this means that I finally got around to buying a google dev account.
There's seriously no excuse not for downloading the new version of the app now, you literally click the link on the right there, click add to chrome, click Add (it doesn't actually monitor your browsing activity, that's just so it can tell when you're on my webpage I think), and then you have the app installed. Next step is go to settings, take that UserID and ask me for a password for that userID and you're done. It'll automatically update in future and will automatically decrypt any interesting stuff I write in the secret bits ;).


Peeeeeeeace out kids <4 (it's like love plus 1, ya geddit? zomg so cute :p:p:p (I'm getting weird I think....));

Oh actually, as an afterthought I'll finally write down this start of a rap I made up the other day.
Thought ( /sorta stole the start) of it while I was listening to this.

I just sorta made it cuter.
It's now no longer about a dysfunctional relationship.
It's about a guy chatting up a girl he just met.
I swear I didn't say this to someone.

Could you like me?
Cos I like you,
You're so damn beautiful that I have to.
And would it help if I could make you laugh too?
Or if I said that there's nothing that I wouldn't do, or say 
if it might brighten up your day,
like hey, gimme your hand, for just a little minute
and I'll put my heart in it
and if you don't want it you might as well bin it
cos if you don't want it, well then I don't want it neither.
and if I'm making you feel awkward just say and I can leave here,
cos I don't wanna be near you if that'd make you unhappy, 
but if you want me to stay just look at me, 
and maybe give me a smile, make my heart stop for a while.

--needs more work--

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