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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Love makes the world seem sound

"why aren't you more self confident though? everybody likes you, that's a pretty good reason to feel good about yourself." - thanks.

"wow that IS slightly Rude." - Indeed.

"what kind of spam were you getting? like viagra shit or what?" - Nope, I was getting just gibberish stuff like "yPTdh1  <a href= .... ". Haven't clicked the links but their names are gibberish.

"So do you like anyone at the moment? Is that rap about anyone in particular or is it just a general representation of girls you like?" - That rap was about someone in particular yeah, but at this stage I wrote it like what, 2 years ago or something? I think to have a proper crush on someone you have to see them at least semi frequently so no, but everybody always has someone they think about sometimes as they fall asleep.

I had planned to write more but I'm shattered after work today (we went zip-lining in the Dublin Mountains, it was exhausting and really fun) so I'll blog again soon hopefully.
Going out stronggg tomorrow night and hopefully it will be eventful, been quite good mooded these days which always makes for better nights out. 

Ryan, Gav and myself booked in for speed dating on the 7th June (2 wks away). I'm slightly excited for it but also a tiny bit nervous but mostly it's too far away to think about yet.

Shane has agreed to go do some piccies with me again this weekend, so I can't wait for that!

Did you know, Lana Del Rey's 'pussy tastes like pepsi cola'? What an odd lyric.

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