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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nothing has been done before.

What the fuck

"ever question your sexual orientation?" - Who doesn't? How can you say you're straight if you've never thought about it? Growing up guys call each other gay every day. In those insecure days I used to wonder if maybe I was gay and just didn't know it. Even though I liked girls and couldn't even tell if a guy was good looking or not (legitimately, unless they had something horrendously wrong with them, I'm still quite bad at it to be honest.). I'm definitely straight.

Was in Galway over the weekend just gone there. It was really fun apart from when I wrecked myself trying to do a running forwards backflip ("gainer") on about a 10-15ft jump into the water. I'd never tried before and it ended up with a big huge backflop. Doubt I'll ever try it again, twas so sore.
On the plus side, yet again I kissed my younger sister's best friend. Weird that it's been 2 years since last time. Time flies. More deets on it encryptoed below.


Saw a bit of a fight in the park near my house today. Some 16ish year old scumbags (about 20 of them) were throwing water balloons at people, and some kinda towny woman started shouting at them, and they hit her with a water balloon, so she got one of them back with one that was on the ground, and then all the guys mates started laughing so he felt he had to act the hard lad so he started squaring up to her and it all got a bit mad. His mate actually punched her in the face, and some other lad wacked her friend over the back of the head with a bicycle seat and then promptly pegged it off. It was a bit crazy. Then the police came and arrested one of them. They're such little pricks wrecking other peoples fun for their own excitement.

This kid is the cutest thing in the world. I'd be so proud if he was my son. Not 100% sure how of his own will his words are, but it's still amazing.

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