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Friday, 11 January 2013

Oh skii skii muthafucka

I'm going skiing tomorrow.
Terribly excited.
Cannae wait.

If I break myself or anything terrible happens, make sure you tell people it happened while I was doing a double front flip 540.
But if I just plain old die say I was skiing away from wolves..
With a dying child in my arms.
But then there was a big flat bit so I lost all my speed.
I managed to tame one of the wolves and put the child on it's back and have it run off to safety before the other wolves overwhelmed me and ate me alive.
And the guy in the coffin is just a really realistic sex doll someone had especially made of me.
And that it's not for sale.
Because there's not that much money in the world.

Or something like that.

Til next time, I'll leave you with my classic saying:
Keep it real.
Keep it West side.
Or East side.
I can't decide.

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