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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I met a nice girl and did nothing.

Without saying too much, she said I inspired her to do something, which was nice. I thought I could have a chance here, but then she said I'm "a nice guy", that's not a good thing to hear right?
That's good old fashioned friend-zoning right?
Or did I just fall prey to the assumption that all girls like dickheads? Can being called a "nice guy" be a good thing? Lemme know your thoughts please.

"I'm the kinda guy a girl wants to marry and cheat on, with someone who wants someone to beat on.".
-That's what I think of me. Kinda sad, but it's okay so long as I don't fall for some wagon who wants that.

I did go out that night on the last post and it was fun. Wouldn't be put off going out on a work night again. Not too often though.

So Christmas...
What have I done with this record amount of time off...
In short I was very unhealthy, drank lots and had fun.

I keep deleting what I'm writing.
It's all too boring.

Gaffers won the question thingy, since obviously nobody else actually did it.
It was exactly what I expected I come across like if you're curious.

Feel free to Formspring me any suggestions as to what the prize should be anybody.

"was santa good to you this year?"

"would you describe any of your friends as having a good moral compass?"
Yes, nearly all of them.

"how do you get rid of mouth ulcers?"
I just wait and try get more sleep so that I don't get more.

"what made you decide to go vegetarian?"
I couldn't think of a good reason to eat meat and keep contributing to this industry behind the screens, and if I wasn't sure I figured I should err on the side of safety, that being the side where I'm not paying people to kill animals for me.

"here's a joke: "the other night i had a dream that i weighed less than 1/1000th of a gram. i was like 0mg.""

"Would you not just go and do the summer camp and the windsurfing and that then? Like not be afraid of it or whatever, and not worry about the job and finding someone, and just go and do it!"
Windsurfing? I've never done windsurfing.
But that aside, I do like my job at times and underneath it all I think there's a good chance it's the sort of thing that I want to do with my life, so it could be a bad idea to throw away good experience (and a possibility of earning lotsa money) for something that may not be what I want to do either...
Then again, as I've said before (and as shows with my terrible "pulling" skills), I often freeze when it comes to crunch time and just go on the side of safety. I have a good bit of time at the moment anyway (before that camp thing) to decide what I want to do. Thanks for caring whoever you are!

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