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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What if, being sure and advice.

What if dreams are what's really real, and this waking reality is just our escape from how insane and incomprehensible dream reality is?
Probably not.
Then again, we can't be sure of anything can we.

That's my mentality on things. I basically never say I'm 100% sure about something, I like to think I know better than to think I couldn't be wrong. I know it really annoys some people though, after all it is kind of a bad way to be; it basically implies lacking confidence if you're not sure. That's what being confident is really isn't it? Being sure you're right about things? Lets see.

Google: Define Confident
  1. Feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured.
  2. Feeling or showing certainty about something.

That's a nice definition I think. It leaves room for me to be confident. I never feel certain, but I can show certainty at least, even if I'm not. If I think I'm almost sure about something I'd act confidently about it, I may even go so far as to say "I'm 99% sure" about something, but maybe 99% is too high? I'm not 100% sure.
I digress. I was asked before if I thought I would always be vegetarian, I replied I have no idea, but probably. The guy was shocked that I could feel so strongly about being nice to other animals, but not be sure that I'd always be vegetarian. I'm good at digressing amn't I. I think I do it in most posts, it must be annoying to read actually...

Lets track back. The thing is, people really like confident people. Everybody does, myself included. That's why I think I love Skye so much. She seems so socially wise, like she knows what life is about (never meet your heroes, you agree?).
[I can't believe I've never linked this song before, I love it.]

She seems like she is at harmony with life, which is what I strive to be, and what I'd like for people around me to be. I'd like to feel I have someone I can take advice from when I'm not sure about things.
Someone confident to turn to. This is what everybody wants right?
My eldest sister was good at understanding people, I used to like getting social advice from her, as in why people may be acting the way they are. I used to think she understood life, but then again I was young and thought life was simpler. I don't have anybody anymore who's opinion I would trust when it comes to understanding people (I'd trust one of my cousins actually, but I rarely see her.).

I watched Amelie last night. I had heard quite mixed reviews, but I thought it was really good.
I had actually been planning on writing about this before I watched it, but the movie definitely relates to what I'm about to blab about, which is, advice.

People love giving advice.
Even if they really don't have a clue.
It's hard to give good advice to people, which I guess the movie Amelie deals with.
Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. People are just terribly complicated and every one of us is so different. I think the best advice is that which helps people solve their problems themselves though.
People trust advice from confident people (so long as they're not confident idiots of course), and being confident about the advice you get most likely gives good results because that confidence will be noticed by who or whatever you interact with.
Confidence begets confidence.

I was out on Saturday night, it was really fun, but we spent most of the night talking to these 3 30 year old girls. They were really, really good fun (nothing was obviously ever going to happen), but one of them in particular seemed clued into how people act. It was really enjoyable talking to her. It made me think maybe we do all become more clued in as we get older, but I see so many older people who are utterly clueless too..

I got loads of nice responses to my questions from the last post, I'm not going to post them as they were all quite similar. Basically we can conclude being nice is good.

Oh I'm going skiing next week.
Can't waiiiiiit.

I got asked:

"plans on getting a girlfriend? you should speed date"
- I thought about it before, I'm not sure I'd like it. I also have no idea how to even find out about them, but I'd rather not know so that I don't have yet another thing to think about.
I have enough thoughts, most of which are about people and life so they can't be answered, that makes them quite hard to stop thinking about.

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