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Friday, 15 June 2012

Tomato soup

Watched "Swingers" with Colly the other night, it was really good. I think the words "baby" and "money" were used about a million times throughout the money. It has absolutely nothing to do with actual swingers. The meaning of that word must have changed since 1996.
It's about a guy who's girlfriend breaks up with him and his mate (Vince Vaughn) is trying to get him back on his feet.

I listened to this song the next day for the first time in ages the next day and it's sorta similar, about a down and out guy, but this ones a much sadder story.

The hoods have loads of great little story songs.

So to my anon questions.
Actually, the questions have really been dying off lately since I guess the novelty is wearing off and posts are less frequent, so to give it a lil extra boost, how about you try finish off this sentence:
"It's okay for us to treat animals how we do because:".
The reason I chose this is because I'm a big veg-head. Also I was in a petshop the other day just for a laugh since I was walking by, and the poor animals are having a shit time in it. There were 3 gerbils, in a corner together shivering and not moving. There were loads of birds crammed into a cage together, I tried to take a video but my phone can't apparently, so here's a picture. They just made little coo-ing noises and flew from perch to perch the whole time we were there, presumably they just do that forever until they die because who's really going to buy them?

Obviously animals in the food industry get treated an awful lot worse, but if I was going to buy pets I wouldn't buy them from a pet store where they keep the animals like that...

"three wishes. go. and don't be a giant cliché"-
By "don't be a giant cliché" I assume you mean just do realistic ones that aren't also Miss World answers or whatevever. So here goes. I've put a lot of thought into these...
1. I wish someone makes a beer that actually tastes really nice and doesn't give hangovers.
2. I wish I had a tame monkey as a pet.
3. I wish it was trendy for people to let their dogs wear cowboy hats.

If these all come true I'll be raging that I wasted my 3 wishes on these.. Actually... No I won't, I'd be delighted.

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