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Monday, 25 June 2012

Nothing to see here... Move along...

I have nothing really that I want to talk about... Lets see what comes out.
I realise I've been extra shit at doing this lately, but I've got 2 formspring questions so I figure I'll answer them and maybe make a wee post too.

This is the guy from Derrick Comedy, so I find it a little hard to think of him as a music artist, but this song is a fair aul choon.

and here's another song I've been listening to a bit lately.


Was just listening to this there, he tells a little story about halfway through, it's good. Give it a listen.

"Why did you start a blog?" - Eh, for a few reasons. My friend Sarah had a blog and I enjoyed reading it, so I was hoping to make something like that. I guess it was partly for the attention too. I had this idea in my head that loads of random people read your blog. I don't know where I assumed these people came from, but I just assumed they were there, creeping around the internet reading blogs. They do exist, but not in the hundreds and thousands that I had imagined for every single shitty blog. I also stopped writing a diary years ago, so I figured this could sorta keep trail of events that I would have otherwise forgotten.
I didn't imagine how much I'd get out of it for myself. I'd like to say I started it to arrange my thoughts and think about my feelings etc, but I didn't. That was unexpected. 

"Who is your idol and who is your favourite person that you know?" - I don't know who asked this, so I don't know who to say. I don't have an idol, there isn't someone I'd rather be. Given the opportunity, I'd change the world, not change myself. Actually that's not true, I'd change the world AND change myself. 
My favourite person that I know is  {"iv":"YXdmspUeJvAqeMEzaUYFgQ","salt":"6B5xhwfjaKg","ct":"rW6ot7H3cAhM56uDlvgG"}
I really don't know though. Everybody is good in different ways.

"Do you think you are more apathetic than most people and do you think it is a bad thing?"- I had to Google apathy. I never really thought about it but I guess maybe. I think the average emotional person doesn't realise that most people aren't as emotional as them. Or maybe it's just the people I know don't cry or jump around with happiness as much as other people. I definitely think "what's the point" too often. When I was little I used to care too much about things, and it only ever really brought unhappiness. I think I worried and stressed too much sometimes so now I just have a much more hands-off approach to things. 
I always feel like this blog is full of self-pity and I hate that, I keep thinking it's too self centred too, but personal blog yadayada. I started watching The Tree Of Life last night while I was quite tired, and there was a bit at the start where the woman was saying how people either choose the path of Grace, or Nature. Grace lets other people get their way, it gets its happiness from others being happy kinda thing, and Nature just wants to satisfy itself. Or something like that, I can't really remember since I was falling asleep. Pretty much everybody these days are just Nature heads. I'd like to put other people first more. I used to try to a lot, but I think I've become a bit crap at it. Probably from realising the majority of people wouldn't do the same for you, but if you expect them to then you're not really putting yourself out at all by putting other people first.....
I dunno....
In short, I guess I'm probably slightly more apathetic than most people; re-reading the question the person who asked it clearly thinks I am ^^. An "if so" wouldn't have gone astray. I keep on changing my mind about my answer to this question but sure feck it, who cares really.

Oh that Tree Of Life movie, I fell asleep and didn't watch it all. I kept dozing off actually and waking up and being very confused. I'm pretty sure at one stage there were dinosaurs.... Lots of shots of space too. It looked really cool actually. Not a conventional movie at all. 

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