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Monday, 12 March 2012

Inter-who? Lets see.

Blast from my teenage past

So I was dressed quite well in college today which couldn't help but going unnoticed.
I was hoping nobody would notice but what's a fella to do. I wouldn't mind if I could just say I was going for an interview, but it's not that black and white. I have been told quite a few times before that I see everything in black and white, there's no colour. I always think things have to be one way or another apparently. This is accurate enough I guess but not completely true, I think I see everything in greyscale. This is one of those middlish value grey values.

I gave my dad my CV so he could give it on to one of his friends who was to give it to one of his friends so he could give me feedback on it, which he did, he slated my CV big time. (that's another word for a resume for whoever it is from the US who reads this). So last week out of the blue I get a phone call, I presumed it was going to be for a squash match, but it turned out it was some guy from a financial exchange company. He had received my CV from my dads friend and wanted to know if I wanted to come in for a chat next week, so that led to me going in to meet him today. Not really sure what to expect, is it an interview or just a mock interview?

The meeting was graaand, I basically got the vibe quite early on it was moreso an informal interview than a mock interview, I didn't get asked very many testing questions. They asked me one sort of practical question which I answered quite badly. We established basically that I haven't done anything with the technologies they are using, which is what they expected since you don't learn stuff that specific in general in college. Anyways, waffle, waffle and toast, and it's the end of chat time and he's telling me they'll get on to me at some stage not too far away, but he says that they usually offer graduates an internship for 6 months or so which pays a nominal amount of money before deciding whether or not they take them on fully. He asked me if that would interest me, the whole internship deal. I wasn't really sure what nominal amount of money meant so I just nodded away and said ohyeahhhhh, class yeah nommy nom nominal. My mum told me to act interested even if I'm not because I might as well leave my options open. Now I'm thinking that would probably be shit, I wouldn't really want that. I sorta assumed nominal just meant not a great wage but still a wage, now that I think about it it's probably something absolutely vaj. It'd be sick working for 6 months for like 50 quid  a week or something while some lads who I graduate with are possibly on 37k a year.

Anyways, I doubt they'd want me, I kinda hope they don't so I don't have to worry about being obliged to try find a better job or take this one.
We'll see what is to be..

I've been being a good boy and getting back into my squash. I'm really enjoying it. I plan on getting better than I was before I stopped playing. It'd be great to actually be FIT for once in my life. Like I've been kinda fit I guess when I used to play, but never comfortably playing 5 setters. I'm ALWAYS bollixed after them. I hope I stick with it..
Lets wait and see, you and me...

I have quite a lot that I'd like to talk about. (This picture is taken from a picture blog I like to look at sometimes. It's quite good.).
I hope I get around to it.

We shall see.


  1. Bet your blog stats have gone haywire.

  2. haywire? why? Nothing unusual, no hits from Taiwan yet.

  3. Oh, I'm reading it from Taiwan RIGHT NOW. Stupid blogspot.