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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Night time.

My short term memory is awful and my long term memory is even worse, and my short term memory is pretty awful too. I've gotten really bad at remembering thing's people tell me. I find myself the whole time these days remembering the guts of a conversation I had with somebody but forgetting the most important details they told me. It's reallyyy annoying.

I'm heading to NYC this friday, provided I remember to go, should be cooool. Going with my sister to see my sister just for the weekend. Going staff-travel since the dad was a pilot so it's standby, would suck to get stuck over there or not get to go over..... Gonna be getting a trapeezing lesson on Saturday morning! Trapeezing is something I'd never really have thought about doing before but now that I'm signed up for a lesson I'm pretty excited for it!

I've to meet my supervisor for my project tomorrow and tell him that I've not got done what I had set out to do.... And I have a test worth 15% of that subject but it's open book and we can talk to whoever is sitting beside us so hopefully it won't be too bad. I imagine it will still be quite tough though....


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