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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ryan saw a dog today

It was amazing.

It was a small black dog.
I said those are the best kind, but I'm not really sure if I meant it. Although I do quite like the black lab puppies, those are up there as the best dogs and those are small black dogs.

Maybe I did mean it. It was fun talking to Ryan. Talking to my mates from home makes me want to move home. A lot of stuff makes me want to move home, but there's the overwhelming feeling of what if I do move home and don't find something good to do. I'd be quite bummed. I'll worry about all this shit later on, it could all sort itself out (if I get fired for example, or if, eh, nope. Can't think of how else).

As I'm want to do, here's a list of some music I've been listening to. Heavy on the female vocals.

happy:Alex Winston - Careless

sad: Alex Winston - Waiting around to die

very sad: Lera Lynn - Least favourite life

maybe sad:Lana Del Rey - Gramma

happy: First Aid Kit - Stay Gold
(I've been listening to a lot of these, mostly because they're most recently added on my music player)

chill: Winter Is All Over You (Bauuer Remix) - First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit - Winter is all over you



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