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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi, I'm Dave and I say words like sozzletoff.
Sorry, Dave is in the states and I just miss his beautiful face.

My apartment smells atrocious. Sometimes they cook really rank food next door and we share a vent or something so now after a long days work I come home to an apartment smelling of dog food. The bad sorta dog food smell, not the borderline BBQ Hoola Hoops smell (They do smell like dog food. And absolut pear vodka tastes like soap. And I'm sure there's other flavours easily ruined out there too).

So anyway, I've been crap I realise, but I've been busy and easily distracted.

I nearly posted 2 weeks ago when I got a great question; this question:
"Is doing charity work a good idea if you've become cynical about the human race?" - I wanted to respond straight away but got sidetracked :/. Yes, it's definitely a good idea. I used to think people in general were a pretty shitty bunch, and still did a bit while I was over there, but in general I think a lot more of people now. There's a lot more good people out there than bad people, it just also happens that there's a lot lot more people who don't care or don't do anything than there are of the other 2 combined. I guess I fall into the latter category since I didn't do anything during that incident mentioned at the end of my last post, and that I don't do more for charities. I could be worse though I'm sure.

Anyway, what's happened.
Well quite a bit. Life has been good.
I've been seeing the aforementioned girl a bit and it's going pretty well as far as I can tell.
Kind of the reason I haven't been doccin' has been because I'm not sure how much I want to talk about that here. I'm usually surprisingly open on this thing but this isn't just about me so I guess it makes sense not to want to write too much.
Basically all you need to know is her name is Sinead, she's going into final year of a science related course but she's not geeky (or at least she's hiding it very well if she is), and she's far too good looking for me but I'll get over that.


Well work kinda does suck a bit these days.
I didn't get the pay rise I was supposed to get in June, they just never mentioned it and I haven't said anything about not getting my salary re-assessed so I dunno.
I'm still hoping to do a season skiing, Canadian visas are gone though for the year so it's a bit weird, not really sure what the story is there, apparently you can get sponsored for one somehow but I don't really know anything about it yet.


My friend at work wrote this website for listening to playlists in sync with your friends, it's pretty cool. This is my room on it so feel free to join in and paste some youtube song videos in for me to check out.

Oh and I wrote an application for windows for sorting out songs taken from iPods.

Here's the other anon comments I got:

"i'm on your website. hi. nice piano." - Thanks.

"If you decide to quit your job, Amusement City on.Westmoreland street are hiring electronic/computer engineers. Could be an AMUSING place to work." - Cheers for the headsup, I'd probably rather not work for a gambling company though unless there was some crazy incentives. I'd say it could get depressing.

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