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Thursday, 18 July 2013

It's the little things.

It's watching milk diffuse into tea.
It's looking at the stars.
It's looking at clouds.
It's watching trees move in the wind.
It's making someone laugh.
It's when someone makes you laugh.
It's when you make someone happy.
It's feeling appreciated.
It's trippy music visualisers.
It's hearing a great new sound.
It's caring about the outcome of a sporting event.
It's learning a new piece of music.
It's drawing a picture.
It's saying something funny when you weren't sure if it was appropriate.
It's not saying something inappropriate when you weren't sure.
It's wanting to do something, and then just doing it.
It's not wanting to do something, and then just not doing it.
It's nice dreams.
It's those 10 minutes in the morning when you snooze your alarm.
It's the following 10 minutes when you snooze it again.
It's a bath when your muscles are sore.
It's realising how easy it is to make a list of great things.
It's getting a compliment on something creative you did.
It's realising you're writing in a pretentious, middle-aligned style but doing it anyway.
It's feeling attractive.
It's not caring about being cliche.
It's seeing someone you haven't seen in years and realising nothing has changed between you.
It's watching children try to figure something out.

It's a reason to live.

It's the little free things in life that somehow give it a meaning.

"Hey james what's new with you?" - Bitta this. Bitta that. You know yourself. It's actually looking quite likely that I'll end up doing a ski season by the way.

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