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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bucket list.

I'm not one for keeping buckets, but I don't mind the odd list or two.

For those who already know what a "bucket list" is, well you already know. For those who don't however, you should get by with just knowing that a bucket list is essentially a list of all the buckets you have and must be kept in alphabetical order according to weight.

I've never really thought too much about things I want from my life apart from kids some day, and an opportunity to raise them well. And a wife I like, not just getting married because let's face it we're both knocking on and you're running out of eggs and I'm tired of being asked why amn't I married as if I have a choice in the matter.. At least I assume that's how it gets.
I heard the other day something along the lines of, "People have kids so they can relive their lives without all the mistakes they made.". Well I don't fully agree with that, but I do think I'm pretty good, so more me's in the world can't be a bad thing.
I'm sure you agree.

Anyway, said bucket list.

I'm not going to actually keep a list, because well, then you have to do them even if you change your mind about whether you actually want to or not.

Getting to the point.

Or closer to the point at least. I'm not going to put kids/really long term things on the list as well, I can't do much about some stuff now.

1. Make some nice grafitti somewhere.
-This guy does some cool stuff that you can see along the dart line, http://www.flickr.com/photos/39626358@N02/
Obviously I wouldn't be able to make something very good, but like, something not shit would be cool.
-This video should hold your attention, stencils are amazing.

I guess it make sense I'd find graffiti cool as I do love hiphop, and they're supposed to go hand in hand. And also graffiti is just really cool.

2. Make a friggin' song that isn't shit.
- I make up crap on the piano the whole time and it's always pretty crap. I would like to put proper effort into something sometime, maybe not even a piano piece, but something. Preferably with lyrics and/or rapping..

3. Do a season skiing.

That's it so far. I nearly made a 4th saying make a program that gets used by a considerable amount of people, but I don't feel actually that strongly about that at the moment so I'll leave it off.

Smarter than girls.

This came about from our work xmas party. Towards the end of the night one of the guys in work, who happens to be the boss' son, was talking to me while we were standing near-ish the dancefloor, which was empty apart from maybe 15 guys and 6 Spanish student-chicks or something. I just assume they're all students, and Spanish. Call me racist but I'm probably right.
Anyway, presumably noticing my lack of game (was being careful as was a work night out afterall, so didn't get too drunk) he was going on about how he wished he was my age (about 5 years younger) again, and how I should be trying yada yada. He had a point I suppose, but work night, not long in the job, no regrets. So he tells me that he reckons the majority of people are less clever than us, so, with our bigger intellects, we can deduce the majority of girls are less intelligent than us. His point being that I am smarter than most girls you meet in a club. To be completely fair I won't say I think he's wrong. Most girls you meet in clubs are drunk and seemingly stupid, and although I often think that I'm a dope and feel stupid, I think that I probably am smarter than the average one.
But I'm fully retarded when I'm drunk.
I don't think retarded is a very bad thing to say.
It literally just means slow. So no offense should be taken by anyone. It's definitely one of those things where people give power to a word just by fearing it. Like Lord Voldemort.
It all boils down into how you use the word.

I had a point.

I've lost it.

Lost the plot. Quite literally.


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